loose associations: strategies of collaborations

Local (art) institutions cooperation

Slobodne veze/Loose associations collaborate with several art institutions and initiatives in Zagreb and other cities in Croatia by establishing partnerships, exchanging programs or co-creating projects. So far we have collaborated with: Zagreb Student Center, Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb/ New Media Department, POGON- Center for Independent Culture and Youth, Croatian Visual Artists Association/Gallery PM, Zagreb, Gallery VN, Zagreb, Zagreb Architects Society (DAZ), LIBERDANCE- dance center, Art Academy in Split, Visura Aperta, festival of visual and audio media, Momiano…

International art collaborations:

Slobodne veze/Loose Associations are active internationally. The collaboration was established with independent art initiatives (OBERLIHT-Chisinau,  R.E.P.- Revolutionary Experimental Space- Kiev, ARTFILMS- Paris, geoAIR- Tbilisi, FCCA- Kiev, Utopiana- Yerevan, Ve.Sch- Vienna) within several European art projects: INTERVENTIONS 3, artistic interventions in public space, organized by OBERLIHT association, Chisinau, Moldova// CHIOSC, platform for public participation; artist in residency program organized by OBERLIHT association, Chisinau, Moldova// AKTO, festival for contemporary arts and theory of culture, Bitola, Macedonia// SPACES


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