Loose Associations. Activities 2006- 2008

2006- 2008. Loose Associations, contemporary art on the international scene today program was conceived as an informal art- education project, in collaboration with Academy of Fine Arts /New Media department in Zagreb. It was organized around visual material (documentary film, film essay, video) followed by discussion. It was meant to bring closer contemporary art practices (by emerging and established artists) present internationally and submit them to critical analysis. Throughout 17 editions we were examining art practices by Jeremy Deller, Rachel Whiteread, Thomas Hirschhorn, Douglas Gordon, Philippe Parreno, Sophie Calle, Sylvie Fleury, Ursula Biemann, Coco Fusco, Maurizio Cattelan, Santiago Sierra, Francis Alys, Jiri Kovanda etc.

We also tackled the issues of art in public space and urban aesthetics in Europe (Trans:it. Moving Culture through Europe project presentation in collaboration with Fondazione Olivetti, Rome), the re-enactment strategy in art and processes of constitution of remembrance, the postproduction “theory” (…) through several interactive encounters.

Our guest lecturers were: Stephane Ibars (Fondation Yvon Lambert, Avignon), Francois Piron (Castillo Corrales Gallery, Paris), Coraly Suard (Artfilms, Paris), Leonida Kovač, Ph.D. (Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb), Franko Dota (historian, activist), Sonja Leboš (anthropologist) and Dafne Berc (architect), Nicole Hewitt (artist, professor at the Art Academy in Zagreb).

Interview with Stephane Ibars (Fondation Yvon Lambert, Avignon) in Vjesnik daily paper (hr)– CLICK ON THE LINK

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