Loose Associations: Lines of Movement

The core activities (in the period 2009-2011) within Slobodne veze/Loose Associations program have been pointed towards the Eastern European collaborations. We have been interested in self- contextualization of the non western art scenes (including our own) and establishing direct dialogue among them.

The program had a part of (former) Eastern Europe in focus. By adopting documentary view of the passenger, who is visiting this area, trying to record at least some of the stories from these trips, we intended to sketch a map of possible movements to the east, after our compass, previously, almost as a rule, has been pointing to the west.

The program was called Loose Associations: Lines of Movement (2009-2011) and it was realized on various locations in Zagreb, informed by extensive study visits to Ukraine, Romania, Moldova.

In several editions, presentations and gallery projects, we have been trying to bring closer contemporary artistic creation from Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and later on Russia. At the same time, we established a platform for the artistic exchange, around the CHIOSC project initiated by the Moldovan art association OBERLIHT. Tonka Maleković was the first artist in CHIOSC residency, in Chisinau, Moldova 2009.


Chisinau, Moldova 2009


Bucharest, Romania 2009

Kiev, Ukraine 2009


Harkow, Ukraine 2009

Odessa, Ukraine 2008

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