Tonka Malekovic at Ve.Sch, Vienna

Tonka Malekovic will present her photo/video installation ANALOGUE CITY at Ve.Sch/ Verein für Raum und Form in der bildenden Kunst/ in the framework of Dienstag Abend program in Vienna on December 20th 2011 from 7 pm.


ANALOGUE (city), photo and video installation
KulturKontakt residence, Vienna 2011.

Analogue (city) accentuates two different modes of reality; appearing
from the same sources, with different impacts and different


Tonka Malekovic (1982) is a Zagreb based artist.
She works in and with public space. Her projects are site-specific; multimedia installations, ephemeral interventions and (participative) actions in urban environment.


About Dienstag Abend

Dienstag Abend is a weekly run evening initiated by artists Fernando Mesquita and Ludwig Kittinger.

The program follows two basic lines:
One is to offer a showroom based on the principal of carte blanche, the shows are non curated, intending to provoke potentially experimental situations hence being non compulsory in any form. Solely the artspace itself could set the artistic content;

The second is a random, coincidental selection process of participating artists. Any social situation, an encounter or spontaneous talk is a hub for Dienstag Abend art intervention.
Dienstag Abend is an adaptable framework based on direct, quick reaction, a sort of ad hoc platform for accepting different artistic languages. It shows current tendencies on the local art scene, but easily opens for passing by foreign artists.
Due to its transformative character, the outcome of Dienstag Abend is unpredictable, intentionally arbitrary.


This program is part of ongoing collaboration between Slobodne veze, Zagreb and Ve.Sch/Dienstag Abend, Vienna, supported by Croatian Ministry of Culture.

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