Tatiana Villani in LiberSPACE

ImageNakon Aleksandra Bedea i njegove intervencije premošćivanja nekadašnje trase potoka Medveščak, u Haustor-galeriji LiberSPACE, odvijati će se narednih dana jedna potpuno drugačija, relacijska, višednevna akcija talijanske umjetnice Tatiane Villani. Pozivamo Vas da u prolazu Jurišićevom, od subote 22. 9. do srijede 26. 9., u periodu id 15-19h, zavirite u haustor na kućnom broju 7 i pridružite se Tatiani Villani u stvaranju «Metaprojecta»!

Tatiana Villani’s LiberSPACE Project stages a displacement: the possibility of creating new contents and  new worlds ceases to be the work of the artist’s imagination, to become instead the work of the passer-by, which is the one who will go on using the public space in which the performance occurs.

The artist makes herself available to a shared planning experience, and this is precisely what transforms the artistic project into a metaproject.

The Metaproject will be run by (un)usual means: that is, by taking out to the street the domestic and intimate practice of private sewing and embroidering.

During the several days of the performance the passer-bys’ dreams will be literally tailor-made, sewn up onto the dreamers themselves, in order to do up a zip that will connect the passer-by’s private images and world of imagination to the public space of the gallery that is due to be rethought and redesigned.

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