CHISINAU CIVIC CENTER – beyond the red lines


Chisinau (MD)

September 15-22, 2013

In the context of the ongoing debate about the radical transformation of the public space in Chisinau under the impact of transition and the need of its protection (public space as an important piece in the democratic infrastructure, crucial for the exercise of rights and liberties) one of the current issues that was raised by the artistic and architecture community in Chisinau was the Cantemir Boulevard, designed in 70s by Soviets, but never built, not yet. What makes us believe that it could be built is that this boulevard still exists on the official Chisinau General Urban Plan, 22 years after Republic of Moldova proclaimed its independence from Soviet Union and its consequent dissolution. Taking this as a starting point, as a leading thread, we have invited artists, architects and researchers to Chisinau, to participate in a residency program and in a conference, and contribute to a publication – to work on this issue and to share similar experiences that could enrich our understanding of this particular situation and reveal new forms of criticism and protest. The result of this collaboration will be a series of participatory works involving Chisinau inhabitants that are opening new public spaces for culture and civic engagement in the areas where Cantemir Boulevard was planned to be built.

CHISINAU CIVIC CENTER – beyond the red lines project gives continuity to a process that Oberliht Association initiated several years ago by inviting artists, curators along with architects, social scientists, historians and other interested in urban development professional groups who joined later, to research and intervene in the existing context determined by unequal distribution of space and resources, specific for any new post-soviet state.

The other question is how public money are being spent on public projects and if these projects address the needs of the citizens? In fact, what is a public project if compared to any private investment? Was there any attempt on behalf of public administration to involve the local inhabitants and how the local communities could be given a voice in the process of urban planning and designing of public spaces?

Finally, what kind of alternative can we offer today ?

The current invitation developed in collaboration with SPACES partners is addressing active citizens involved in culture, but also in urban and social development, to look back at their activity and projects through such tools as criticism and protest, to think of the public role that art could have in post-soviet societies. We would also like to examine the potentiality of art in bringing a change by organizing participatory art events in Chisinau and making use of available public spaces for that.

The public program planned for August 26 – September 22, 2013 includes a residency program for artists and architects that will result in a series of interventions in Chisinau, a study visit by a group of experts followed by a regional conference addressed to scholars, activists, journalists and local authorities, city tours, film and video screenings, workshops, awareness raising campaigns, presentations, parties and community work among others.

The project takes its inspiration from the results obtained during the Mapping of public space in Chisinau workshop (July 2012) coordinated by Eugen PANESCU [RO]:

projects, workshops and events by Valeria BARBAS [MD], Ludmila BOUROS [MD], Maxim CUZMENCO [MD], Ghenadie POPESCU [MD], Levente POLYAK [HU], Stefan RUSU [MD], Teatru Spalatorie (DJ Codec & VJ Vaki) [MD], Vitalie SPRINCEANA [MD], Igor TYSHCHENKO [UA]

residency program with: 4AM (Jan SVOBODA, Sarka SVOBODOVA, Jarek SEDLAK) [CZ], Paula DURINOVA [SK], Karl HALLBERG [SE], Public Pedestal (Jana KAPELOVA and Michal MORAVCIK) [SK], Ewa RUDNICKA [PL], Tom RUSSOTTI [US], studioBASAR (Cristi BORCAN Tudor ELIAN, Ana-Maria TONI, Alexandra TARANU) [RO], Stefan TIRON [RO]

conference participants: Ruben AREVSHATYAN [AM]: Levan ASABASHVILI [GE], Oleg BREGA [MD], Sonja DAMCHEVSKA [MK], Heidi DUMREICHER [AT], Bettina COLB [AT], Joanna ERBEL [PL], Hamlet MELKUMYAN-ALEXANYAN [AM], Anna KHVYL [UA], Saimir KRISTO [AL], Arevik MARTIROSYAN [AM], Levente POLYAK [HU], Stefan RUSU [MD], Vitalie SPRINCEANA [MD], Ion STEFANITA [MD], Mikheil SVANIDZE [GE], Igor TYSHCHENKO [UA], Vitalie VOZNOI [MD]

contributions: Ina BOROZAN [MD], Alexei DIMITROV [MD], Diana DRAGANOVA [MD], Antoine FOURMY [FR], Irina GRABOVAN [MD], Irina IACHIM [MD], Dmitrii KAVRUK [MD], Gaelle MEGE [FR], Alexandru MUNTEANU [MD], Corina REZNEAC [MD], Asta SLAPIKAITE [LT], Ion UNGUREANU [MD], Andrei VATAMANIUC [MD], Stanislav VREDNIK [MD], Artiom ZAVADOVSCHI [MD], Vlad ZDERCIUC [MD]

curated by Vladimir US [MD]

free entry to all events

Muzeul Zemstvei



September 15-16, 2013

study visit of foreign experts to Moldova: Opening the Public Space for Citizens: Innovation and Inclusion

Monday, September 16, 2013

Guided tour by Stefan RUSU [MD]: The socialist modernism

September 17-18, 2013

Regional conference: Public spaces in post-socialism: inclusion, exclusion and practices of its reclaiming
Regency Hotel (str. Sfatul Tarii 17, Chisinau)


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Screening: Public space in Armenia
Flat Space / B68 (str. Bucuresti 68/1, Chisinau)


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Opening of the project: Chisinau Civic Center – beyond the red lines
by Teatru Spalatorie [MD]
Flat Space / B68 (str. Bucuresti 68/1, Chisinau)


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lecture by Richard LEVINE [US]: Urban Form – Public Space – Participation – Democracy – Sustainability
Faculty of Architecture, Moldova Technical University (bd. Dacia 39, Chisinau / blocul 9, et. 2, sala 212)


Intervention by Jana KAPELOVA and Michal MORAVCIK (Public Pedestal) [SK]: Если вам не нужен? (If you don’t need?)
Puskin str. 28 (Cathedrl park), Chisinau

Presentation and screening by Ghenadie POPESCU [MD]: Mea Mais
Flat Space / B68 (str. Bucuresti 68/1, Chisinau)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Plain air with Ludmila BOUROS [MD] and children from Al. Sciusev Art School
str. Alexandru cel Bun, Chișinau

Installation by Karl HALLBERG [SE]: Intersections

Screening: Eternal Play by Paula DURINOVA [SK]
square of the chess players(str. Alexei Mateevici 113, Chișinau)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Presentation by Tom RUSSOTTI [US]: Back to School
Chiril and Metodiu Liceum sports ground: Alexandru Hajdeu str. nr. 72, Chisinau

Intervention by Maxim CUZMENCO [MD]: Monuments
str. Avram Iancu 36, Chișinau

Music peformance by Valeria BARBAS [MD]: Claxsimphony
Cosmonauților str. corner with George Cosbuc str., Chisinau

Screening by Jana KAPELOVA and Michal MORAVCIK (Public Pedestal) [SK]: Если вам не нужен? (If you don’t need?)
Balanescu str. 21, Chisinau

Performance by Tom RUSSOTTI [US]: Drinking and Dancing competition
Zpatiu / Zpace (str. Sciusev 103, Chisinau)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Intervention by Jan SVOBODA [CZ]: Above the ground

Installation by Ewa RUDNICKA [PL]: Chisinau facades

for updated program please visit:


Chisinau_ Chekhov Theater

Chisinau circus


Sf Andrei Park_ screening

– – –

The program CHISINAU CIVIC CENTER – beyond the red lines is organized in the frame of the EU project SPACES. The SPACES project is financed by the European Union through the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme.

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