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emerging practices for urban redesign

Zagreb, Mimara Museum, 24.04.2014.

The City Acupuncture forum that will take place in Zagreb on April 24, 2014. The conference will focus on a broader insight and analytical reflection on emerging cultural, social, and political urban practices, all using new participative methods in shaping and improving our living environment. This new generation of urban creative force, commonly working in multidisciplinary teams, deals flexibly with the existing city, changing it from within and showing us that social change can happen through design.

Discussions will include presentation and cross-examination of different methodologies applied on regional and European scale, and considered to be powerful tools of improving the quality of urban life and in increasing of social cohesion.

The conference presentations and discussions will be held on April 24 starting at 09.30 am and respecting the following preliminary schedule:


9.30-10.00 Welcoming addresses

Introduction to the City Acupuncture Forum
Ministry of Culture
City of Zagreb, Split
President of Zagreb Society of Architects
Coordinator of the City Acupuncture project

10.00-10.45 La 27e Region (France) Pauline Scherer
10.45-11.00 KesselsKramer (The Netherlands) Gijs van den Berg,  Matthijs de Jongh – interview

11.00-11.15 COFFEE BREAK

11.15-12.00 Collectif ETC (France) Florent Chiappero
12.00-12.45 Studio Basar (Romania) Alex Axinte

12:45-13:45 LUNCH BREAK


13.45-14.15 Cultural Acupuncture Treatment For Suburbs project (Czech Republic) Igor Kovačević
14.15-14.45 City Acupuncture Methodology (Croatia) Kristina Careva
14.45-15.45 City Acupuncture in the Region (Bosnia & Hercegovina, Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia) Dragan Žuvela, Frane Dumandžić, Split
Dejan Ubović, Belgrade
Mak Kapetanović, Sarajevo
Aleksandar Velinovski, Skopje

15.45-16.00 COFFEE BREAK

16.00-16.45 5 regional artists, associations and civil sector organizations representing their work in 6 min format

Hrvatsko društvo dizajnera,  Ivana Borovnjak i Marko Golub

Slobodne veze, Ivana Meštrov i Tonka Maleković

Kontraakcija, Vladimir Tatomir
16.45-18.00 This part of the conference will serve as a platform to discuss and share valuable experiences from different socio-cultural backgrounds, thus bringing different perspectives on the methodologies and its impact on the fabrication of public space, and creating an open-source toolbox of social designs, to be made available to multiple stakeholders.

What are the core motivation factors for the actions and interventions?

How can we overcome the lack of coordination and understanding between all stakeholders that influence, change or use the public space?

How can we influence the lack of an active transformation of public space (actual status quo) and the inability to change this situation?
How can we prevent alienation of users of the space from the very space?
Which course of action is more effective for you? How to balance cooperation with institutions/local government and activism?
Which models of participation are being applied in your actions?
What are the models of financing the actions?
What are the most efficient models for internal organization (flexible fluctuating organization vs. permanent team)?
How to ensure the sustainability of the initiative or organization?
Evaluation and Influences: how to evaluate the results of the action, how to evaluate the influences in social or any other aspects

Moderator: Rene Lisac, Zagreb Society of Architects, City Acupuncture (Croatia)

Pauline Scherer, La 27e Region (France)
Florent Chiappero, Collectif ETC (France)
Alex Axinte, Studio Basar (Romania)
Igor Kovačević, Cultural Acupuncture Treatment For Suburbs project (Czech Republic)
Dejan Ubović, Cultural Front (Serbia)

The programme will be held in three languages – English, French and Croatian with simultaneous translations.

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