MOTEL TROGIR: it is not future that always comes after_ the book is out!

Three years of the ongoing MOTEL TROGIR campaign, two permanently protected/listed motels on the Adriatic coast (Trogir, Preluk/Rijeka), an artistic project developed around the topic of the mid 20th century modernist architectural heritage & the book which tells the story of this all! Made in collaboration with dedicated researchers, activists and friends who made the topic of preserving modernist architectural heritage from the Socialist Yugoslavia visible, important and URGENT, along with all the paradoxes and questions which still remain unanswered, challenging us to continue.

About the book:

Motel Trogir is a fine example of the Yugoslav mid-20th century architectural modernism. Built in 1965 on the eastern Adriatic coast by a renowned architect Ivan Vitić, the building is a surviving artefact of the planning culture with a social ideal as its generative core.

Today in a derelict state due to unresolved property issues, as a result of the non-transparent privatization of what once was societal ownership, the motel stands as a reminder of the former political economy with its different foundations and aspirations. Conceived during a period of markedly increased transit tourism in the small Dalmatian town of Trogir, the construction of the Motel had been planned in parallel with that of the Adriatic Highway. It was envisaged as one of the performative elements which would fit within the utopian vision of the Highway imagined as a feature film unfolding on the travelers’ windscreens. Although visionary, the building and the belonging “emptiness” around it, seem like an abnormal error in the urban imagination of present-day administrators, real estate developers and entrepreneurs.

This book tells the story of the 1960s in the Socialist Yugoslavia, the country in between the East and the West, between the socialist agenda and the market economy. Focusing on tourist architecture and planning, it pursues the turbulent decades that followed, reflected in Ivan Vitić’s Adriatic motels.

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Contributors: Tvrtko Jakovina, Dafne Berc, Melita Čavlovic, Lidija Butković Mićin, Tamara Bjažić Klarin, Sandra Uskoković, Zrinka Paladino, Saša Šimpraga, Nataša Bodrožić, Maroje Mrduljaš, Ruben Arevshatyan, Levan Asabashvili, Silva Kalčić, Idis Turato, Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair

Graphic design: Rafaela Dražić

Photo contributions: Duška Boban, Bojan Mrđenović, Andrea Palašti, Marko Salapura, Ludwig Kittinger, Marina Slunjski, Lidija Butković Mićin, Iris Meder, Igor Duda, Petra Vidovic, Goran Kerić, Lovro Krnić, archive photos

Cover photo: Duška Boban

Languages: Croatian & English

Translation: Ena Prokić

Proofreading: Lidija Butković Mićin, Sarah Thomas

224 pages, b/w + color block

Published by Slobodne veze/ Loose Associations, Zagreb & ONOMATOPEE, Eindhoven


The book is funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, the Kultura Nova Foundation, European Union through the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme (project SPACES), City of Zagreb- City Office for Culture, Education and Sport.

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