The East is west of the West_ MEDITERRANEA 18 Young Artists Biennial

Motel Trogir in Tirana at Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennial

Special project/Exhibition

Former Embassy of Yugoslavia in Tirana, Rruga Durrsit

May 4-28, 2017

Participating artists: Katerina Duda, Katharina Swoboda, Marko Salapura, Pavel Khailo, Nikolas Ventourakis

For the last nine months, Slobodne veze/Loose associations have been working on an intense project entitled THE EAST IS WEST OF THE WEST with five international artists. From the Motel Trogir AIR/ study visit to the mid Dalmatia in September 2016, till May 2017, during 9 months we have been developing a specific methodology and economy (of relations) creating a platform for producing context based art works. The majority of works have been dealing with modernization processes happening on the East Adriatic coast in the 1960s and 1970s, during the period of SFRY, especially focusing on tourist architecture (and insfrastructure). However, some artists have developed their works bringing the input from the terrain to their own context. The works by artists Katerina Duda, Katharina Swoboda, Pavel Khailo, Marko Salapura, Nikolas Ventourakis developed within this framework will be presented in Tirana from May 4 to May 28th 2017 as a special project/exhibition within the Young Artists Biennial- MEDITERRANEA 18.

Photo documentation: Katerina Duda

The project is supported by the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Croatia, the Kultura nova foundation, Croatian bank for reconstruction and development (HBOR) and BJCEM.

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