AMBIGUOUS HISTORIES. Open call for artists from Algeria

duska boban- 2013- small

Motel Soline (originally Motel Sljeme) by architect Ivan Vitić in Trogir, Croatia // Photo by Duška Boban, 2013


In the framework of the MOTEL TROGIR project <Mediterranean Modernism Network>, the Loose Associations// Slobodne veze, contemporary art platform is launching an OPEN CALL for artists from Algeria, under the age of 40 (preferably, but we will take into consideration all the applications regardless the age). 

DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING APPLICATION: OCTOBER 1, 2018 (23:59 CET) The applications can be submitted in English, but also in French language.

/The call is conceived in collaboration with Mrs Nadira Laggoune, curator (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Algiers/ MAMA)./

About the MOTEL TROGIR project

The MOTEL TROGIR project is focused on preservation and (re)evaluation of the mid-20th century architectural heritage from the period of the Socialist Yugoslavia on the Adriatic coast (and beyond). The project was launched in 2013 by Loose Associations (Slobodne veze), as a civil campaign focused on the motel built in Trogir in 1965, designed by Ivan Vitic, one of the most prominent Croatian architects of the 20th century. Vitic’s motel is a rare example of modern architecture in Trogir, a mid-Dalmatian coastal town with 13,000 permanent inhabitants, of which approximately 1,000 live in its historical centre (inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997). The project consists of many activities and has developed a specific methodology which can be described as a combination of civic activism and scientific, publishing and educational work, including curating and producing contemporary art projects.

The Framework

As part of the annual artistic residence, this time in collaboration with Mrs Nadira Lagounne (MAMA, Algiers), we invite artists under the age of 40 to join the short term residency/study visit to three mid Dalmatian towns, Trogir, Split and Krvavica, where they will be introduced to the spatial and social context in which this architecture was made to be. At the same time, a broader context will be tackled, and in particular former strong political and cultural ties between Algeria and Yugoslavia in the 1960 onwards. Socialist Yugoslavia was the first country in the world to recognize independent Algeria. Since that time, strong relations developed, resulting in vibrant both economic and cultural exchange.Those relations were broken due to radical changes in the post Cold War era. By cultural approach, it is our desire to tackle, re-visit, re-evaluate the relations between the two countries but also modestly contribute bridging the gap between European and North African Mediterranean, which nowadays is again more dividing than connecting territory. 

The Topic

How history materializes itself in the form of architecture, and how architecture shapes the society is the general topic of this call. We invite artists to reflect on the topic proposed. Send us one page artistic proposal which considers the following terms: | 20TH CENTURY MODERNISM | ARCHITECTURE | INTERNATIONALISM, MEMORY | NON-ALIGNMENT, YUGOSLAVIA/CROATIA – ALGERIA RELATIONS, MEDITERRANEAN


University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene by Oscar Niemeyer, Bab-Ezzouar, Algeria// Photo: Saša Šimpraga, 2017


Selected artists will be invited for a 4-5 day trip to Trogir, Split and Krvavica in November 2018 which will include study visits and a workshop. During this period the first stage of research will be done which will be the base for an art work to be created and exhibited within our activities in 2019-2020.

Please note that the organizer does not provide additional technical equipment during workshop and trips. We offer visa costs, travel, accommodation and per diems for the whole period of stay.

The proposals will be reviewed by the jury:

  • Nataša Bodrožić/ Ivana Meštrov, curators, Loose Associations, Zagreb
  • Nadira Laggoune, curator, director of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Algiers
  • Saša Šimpraga, activist, Loose Associations. Zagreb

Deadline for submitting applications is October 1st. Results will be announced by October 25th 2018.

Please send us your proposals (two pages maximum + short CV> one page maximum) to:

We receive proposals in English and French language.

The Motel Trogir project in 2018 has been supported by the Kultura nova Foundation and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.






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