(Un)disciplined: A Construction of An Archive_ Skopje


Within the framework of the collaborative project COLLECTIVE DOMAIN OF CULTURAL MEMORY_ Segment 1, we are presenting our new book CONSUMER CULTURE LANDSCAPES IN SOCIALIST YUGOSLAVIA at the international symposium “Hey, what do we have to lose? Archiving as an act of collective resistance” organized by Press to Exit Project Space | Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje | May 31st – June 1st 2019. Our book presentation is scheduled for June 1st at 1.30pm @ Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje.

“(Un)disciplined: A Construction of An Archive” is a year-long curated
program produced in the context of the international project “Collective Domain
of Cultural Memory” (CDCM). More information, you may find on this link:  CDCM_PROGRAM_EN_FINAL_fin

The International Symposium “Hey, What Do We Have to Lose? Archiving as a
Collective Act of Resistance” will examine deviant processes of archiving as a
collective act using key notions of fragmentation, discontinuity, contingency and
consistency of action. See the full program of the symposium here: http://www.presstoexit.org.mk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=337:hey-what-do-we-have-to-lose-archiving-as-an-act-of-collective-resistance&catid=11&Itemid=199&lang=en






The CDCM project has been funded by the EU through the program Creative Europe/ the European Year of Cultural Heritage  2018.



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