Motel Trogir Artist in Residence: Vlado Danailov

In the framework of an international collaborative project COLLECTIVE DOMAIN OF CULTURAL MEMORY, the Motel Trogir Artist in Residence Program is hosting Vlado Danailov, who will stay in Split, Trogir and its environments from October 3rd-17th.


‘Dwelling without a house’, excerpt from comic-book. Sketch, 2014

Vlado Danailov (1990, Macedonia) is an architect and researcher. Vlado interests in theater, art and literature. After obtaining his Master degree from the Faculty of Architecture, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje in September 2013, Vlado was enrolled as a researcher at Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design in Moscow (2013/2014). As a part of the Dwelling studio he worked on developing an alternative strategy ‘Dwelling without a house’: a model that offered an integrated approach to housing and planning policies ­­ꟷ an extreme and radical measure inspired by the current rules and regulatons in Russia, while also being a critique of the existing situation.


‘Extra-ordinary session 01: format – magazine’, A photo, 2017

Vlado worked as an associate teaching assistant at the Chair of Public Buildings at his Alma mater. He is co-founder of the experimental studio for architecture and culture ‘Studio 90’, editor-in-chief of the monthly publication ‘Arhi.tek’, and moderator and organizer of ‘Extra-ordinary Sessions’, Architecture and Culture Talks at the Faculty of Architecture in Skopje. Danailov is interested in exploring the political, social and cultural contexts in which architecture exists. In 2018 he was invited author in team project ‘Freeingspace’ – Macedonian Pavillion at the Venice Architecture Biennale.


‘Beyond the facade. Towards civic ground floor’, excerpts. Digital drawing, 2018

1- vlado cita novosti

6- tilmannvlado

3- signal

4- motel nice one

The Motel Trogir project in 2019 is supported by the Kultura Nova Foundation and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia. / Collective Domain of Cultural Memory (CDCM) project has been supported by the EU through the program Creative Europe/ The European Year of Cultural Heritage  2018.




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