Re-Visiting Non-Aligned & Tricontinental Images in Solidarity with the Third World


Contretemps_ Lecture Series # 4

Olivier Hadouchi: Re-Visiting Non-Aligned & Tricontinental Images in Solidarity with the Third World

4/ 12/2019  19h _ DAZ/UHA, Trg bana Jelačića 3/1, Zagreb

Reporters from former Yugoslavia like Zdravko Pečar and Stevan Labudović documented the Algerian War of Independence; their country was part of the Non-Aligned Movement (born in 1961), which promoted anti-colonialism and the right to national self-determination, and they had links with liberation movements in other countries from the “global South” (Asia, Africa and Latin America). Their experience of fighting with the Partisans during WW2 was very useful in their understanding of the struggles and wars of independence in what we used to call the “Third World”. This experience was shared by Basil Davidson, who supported the struggles of Angola and Guinea Bissau for independence and had been stationed among the Partisans in Yugoslavia in WW2. In 1966, the Tricontinental Conference took place in Havana and this constellation used images (posters, film, photography) as a weapon to support anti-imperialism and decolonization struggles in the South. We’ll discuss both these issues aimed at building new constellations in the name of internationalism. (Oliver Hadouchi)

Olivier Hadouchi, film historian (PhD in Cinema Studies) & independent film curator, born & lives in Paris. He published the booklet IMAGES OF NON-ALIGNED AND TRICONTINENTAL STRUGGLES (MSUB/Belgrade) and contributed to several collectively-authored books, such as “Chris Marker. L’homme-monde (ed. C. Van Assche, R Bellour & J.-M. Frodon), Bojana Piškur (ed.): Southern Constellations: The Poetics of the Non-Aligned, MSUM, and “Filmmakers of the World Unite! Forgotten Internationalism, Czechoslovak Film and the Third World”, ed. T. Stejskalová/Tranzit (Prague). He curated a film program about the Tricontinental and cinema for Museum Reina Sofía, two other programs accompanying Zineb Sedira’s exhibition in Jeu de Paume – Paris (forthcoming, January 2020) and Katia Kameli’s exhibition in Kunsthalle (Münster), respectively, and one for Bandits-Mages (“Voices & Images from the South”). He also co-curated various festival programs (“International 1968” for Amiens, “Independences” for CorsicaDoc…) and special screenings/events for art centers like The Mosaic Rooms (London) and Tale of a Tube (Rotterdam).

Expanded documentation of the lecture, you may find here in two languages:


hadouchi 1

hadouchi 2

The Motel Trogir project in 2019 is supported by the Kultura Nova Foundation and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.

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