TOWARDS THE OSTRALE BIENNALE. 2nd Curatorial Meeting in Dresden

ROBOTRON Canteen in Dresden. Study visit, October 2020

The Flowing Connections project was officially launched in September 2020 and the first meeting of the international project team took place in Dresden in October 2020. At the same time, it was the first working session of the OSTRALE BIENNALE curatorial team, including the extensive artists selection process, visiting several venues and developing methodology as well as the concept of the following biennale edition.

Members of the project team testing, Dresden, February 2021

The second curatorial meeting was organized in February 2021, in quite difficult circumstances of the lockdown and limitations of movement. However, from February 17-27 the Flowing Connections/OSTRALE team met for an intense work session, final artists selection and exhibition set up using the model of the main exhibition venue, made by students of the Architecture School in Dresden. Thus, the absolute protagonist of the second phase of the curatorial meeting was the model of the Robotron Kantine. This building, an intricate labyrinth of rooms and possibilities, will be the central exhibition space. In order to plan the set up of the artworks and their positioning, the curators explored the possibilities of the space on this small scale reproduction.

“Curatorial work in isolation”. Working with the model of the ROBOTRON Canteen, Dresden, February 2021

In addition, several study visits were organized, including the supporting OSTRALE biennale venues and the city tour with the focus on “OSTMODERNE”, urbanist and architectural legacy of the former GDR which significantly influenced the development of the city of Dresden.

The Dresden Kulturpalast, dating from 1969 has undergone extensive refurbishment from 2012-2017.
The new concert hall is the heart of the rebuilt Kulturpalast in Dresden. It was designed by Gerkan, Marg and Partners and reopened in April 2017.
Dresden Kulturpalast mural “Der Weg der Roten Fahne” (The Way of the Red Flag)
Deutches Hygiene Museum visit

The OSTRALE O21 is part of the FLOWING CONNECTIONS project, funded with support from the European Commission through co-funding by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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