Julia Gaisbacher and Clara Wildberger in Split 3

From May 21st to June 21st 2021, the Loose Associations/ Slobodne veze will host Julia Gaisbacher and Clara Wilberger at the Motel Trogir Artist in Residence. The AiR will take place in Split, Trogir and its surroundings. The project focuses on exploring modernist built environment in mid Dalmatia and current political and economic changes affecting the physical space as well as social practices framed (and directed) by these processes.

Julia Gaisbacher is an artist and photographer, born in Grambach near Graz, Austria in 1983. Through her work she is exploring the complex interconnections between social conventions in public space, architecture and individual representation.

Clara Wilberger is a photographer & information designer based in Graz and Vienna. Her work has been shown in various publications and exhibited throughout Europe, Asia and The United States. She regularly collaborates with several renown magazines, festivals and institutions such as Diagonale – Festival des österreichischen Films, Steirischer Herbst, Forum Stadtpark Graz, HDA – Haus der Architektur Graz etc.

The Motel Trogir Artist in Residence program was established, conceived and organized by Nataša Bodrožić for the Loose Associations/ Motel Trogir project.

The residency was kindly supported by the Styrian Provincial Government/ The Department for Cultural Affairs.

The Motel Trogir project in 2021 is supported by the Kultura Nova Foundation and the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.

Motel Trogir, 2021
Split 3 guided tour with Višnja Kukoč, PhD
Split 3 walk
Krvavica, Former Children Maritime Health resort, study visit
Meeting the architects, activists and cultural workers of Split

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