About Loose Associations

Slobodne veze/Loose associations, contemporary art practices is a self- regulated artists’, curators’ and cultural workers’ initiative.

We are looking for “modes of destabilization of the system of apparent reality through mechanisms of discursive analysis (and visual representation) in order to create gaps, territories of “the possibilities undiscovered” which are to be found outside of the given choices imposed by the dominant politics of culture”.

We are interested in topics of imaginative geographies (E.Said ), that is- the ways that other places, people, and landscapes are represented, the ways these imaginings reflect the preconceptions and desires of their inventors, and the relations of power between these authors and the subjects of their imaginings.

We are also focused on the analysis of the current processes happening in  public spaces, problems of the shrinking public and ways of resisting it. We are interested in non institutionalized “art scenes” in post- socialist Europe with self- organization and collective creation as ways of their functioning.

Also, we find the potential in non institutional educational platforms as a way of forming collectivities, public exchange of critical positions and personal relation to the notion of official truth and belief systems.

Slobodne veze/ Loose Associations is a civic association (NGO) founded in February 2009 by Ivana Meštrov, Tonka Maleković and Nataša Bodrožić. It is based in Zagreb, Croatia.


Projekt Motel Trogir provodi se u okviru udruge za suvremene umjetničke prakse Slobodne veze./ The campaign for preservation and critical re-evaluation of the mid 20th century modernist architecture-Motel Trogir- is conducted by a team gathered around Loose Associations/ Slobodne veze.

MOTEL TROGIR tim/team: Nataša Bodrožić, Lidija Butković Mićin and Saša Šimpraga

CONTACT: slobodne.veze@gmail.com

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