Guided Tour to the Pioneer Town

pionirski grad

Guided tour to the Pioneer Town in Zagreb/Granešina will be organized on Saturday, June 7th 2014

The visit with an expert guidance has been organized within the activities of the MOTEL TROGIR campaign.

Motel Trogir project/campaign has been focused on the legacy of modernism, with a particular emphasis on the body of work of the architect Ivan Vitić.

The visiting tour is free and open for everybody!

The Pioneer Town is the project realized from 1948th to 1953 in collaboration of urbanist Joseph Seissel, architect Ivan Vitić and landscape architects Zvonimir Fröhlich and Paul Ungar. On the wooded slopes of Medvednica mountain, back then in the easternmost urbanized area of ​​Zagreb, the Pioneer Town in Zagreb neighborhood of Granešina was conceived as an educational and recreational center for children equipped with specialized pavilions to stay, food and learning in cultivated green areas for relaxation and fun. In the spirit of post-war efforts in the ideological education of the younger generation, but also coming from the concern for the health and versatile education of the youth, the Pioneer Town of Zagreb was a part of the network of similar resorts and Rehabilitation Centreswhich were raised throughout the FNR Yugoslavia.  With its program and urban-architectural articulation, the Pioneer Town is an urban complex of an exceptional cultural and historic value for the period of the first post-war years. Today it has the status of the protected cultural asset.

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Jutarnji list daily about The Pioneer Town Tour:

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